HIN - Hull identification Number

These were mandate after Nov. 1 1972 by the United States Coast Guard, in 1984 the USCG changed the format.  

When the USCG implemented HINs, the allowed two different formats

And boats in the early 70's were all over the place formatting , so hopefully here we will guide you in to how to interpret yours.


What is a HIN ?

A Manufacturer(s) Identification Code (MIC) 
A 5-digit serial number assigned by the manufacturer 
A 4-digit alpha-numeric code that represents the boats date of production and model year


C&C Yachts Ltd's MIC


The usual first 3 digits are the boat builder.  Now C&C Yachts Ltd. regularly used 2 different ones, ZCC and CCY.   

They give a suggestion on where the boat was built but is no guarantee.

ZCC was usually used for boats built in Niagara On The Lake, Ontario, Canada

CCY was usually used for boats built in Middleton, Rhode Island U.S.A.

Note: There has been a CCZ used as C&C's MIC but this is assumed to have been a manufacturing mistake.

Unofficial MICs from the early days.

RW - Redwing

HR - Hinterhoeller

C&C Custom Shop, I have found no evidence of the Custom Shop putting HINs on any of their boats

C&C Kiel Plant, also I have not found evidence of what HIN system they used.


Production and Serial Number


C&C used the first two digits to identify the Model.   But it does not identify different versions of the same model.  So 30 could be a mark I, II,  etc.

The last 3 digits are the hull number.




ZCC290421176 - C&C 29, Hull # 42 built November 1976

CCY38068M80H - C&C 38 ( Landfall ), Hull # 68 built March 1980

ZCCM0081M79B - C&C 30 Mega, Hull # 81 built September 1979

65-35-2  - Invader 35, Hull # 2, built in 1965 ( by Hinterhoeller )

24 1023 73 - Shark 24, Hull # 1023, built in 1973 by C&C Yachts

S63 61 - Shark 24, Hull # 63, built in 1961 ( I think ) 

RW35-7-70   - Redwing 35, Hull # 7, built in 1970

HR-25-88-70 - HInterhoeller 25. Hull #88, built in 1970